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Meet our wonderful team of Nordic professionals! Directors, producers, writers, managers, musicians and film workers - all united to bring cinematic visions to life!

About Nordic Talents

Our vision -

The fair agency for Nordic Talents!

Focused on creativity, collaboration, competence & companionship.


Free membership when accepted - minimal agency fee - no charges when securing jobs independently - always dedicated to boosting your salary - exclusively pursues high-paying opportunities for you! 

Nordic Talents is a talent agency based in Stockholm, Sweden that specializes in talent management and representation, with a focus on promoting talent from the nordic region. We work with individuals in the entertainment industry, such as actors, dancers, musicians, and models, to help them connect with potential opportunities and provide personalized services including career guidance, contract negotiation, and marketing support. Our agency takes pride in providing a platform for talented individuals to showcase their abilities and aims to connect them with opportunities in the entertainment industry. Additionally, we have a website featuring a grid layout to display the talents, with each talent having their own subsite including their photo, video, and description, designed in a sleek and organized manner.

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Nordic Talents are powered by our Nordic Leaders Magnus G. Bergström and Jessica Hägg.

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